The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is a character building organization for girls between the ages of 11 and 20. Its purpose is to promote skills related to leadership, poise and self confidence, ethics and good citizenship, effective communication, and service to others. As a member, a girl will learn how to apply each of these values to real life situations. Rainbow teaches that every member can make a difference and become a better person.

The Order of Rainbow was established in McAlester, Oklahoma in 1922. Rev. W. Mark Sexton, a 33 degree Mason, was the founder of the order and the author of the ritual. This book serves as a guide for our meetings and ceremonies.

Each local group, called an Assembly, meets twice a month. During the meetings, members plan and discuss projects and activities. Meetings are conducted by the presiding officer according to standard protocol and parliamentary procedure. Any member willing to accept the responsibility, may serve as an officer. All major decisions are made by the girls.

New members join Rainbow through a ceremony called Initiation. The Initiation represents a symbolic journey of a girls search for life's treasures searching for the pot of gold. Each lesson helps a girl achieve her potential.  Along the journey, there are seven lessons represented by the colors of the Rainbow. 

1. The lesson of Love represents love in all of its forms. It reminds us that we must love everyone - our God, our families, our friends, and even our enemies.

 2. The lesson of Religion emphasizes the importance of a religion based on love and forgiveness.

3. The lesson of Nature encourages the importance of spending time out-of-doors.

4. The lesson of Immortality reminds the new member of the promise of eternal life.

5. The lesson of fidelity teaches us to show others by our actions that we are honest and reliable.

6. The lesson of Patriotism encourages us to be proud citizens of our country, to respect its flag, and to defend it through military service when called to do so.

7. The lesson of Service ties all of the other lessons together. It is the foundation of our order, and stresses the importance of providing unselfish acts of kindness for others.

Its supreme effort is to create strong effective leaders and develop individual character. By precept and example, it continually emphasizes to every Rainbow Girl the lessons taught and symbolized by the colors of the rainbow.

Any girl between the ages of 11-20 and is a friend of a Rainbow girl, or can be recommended by an Eastern Star or Master Mason in good standing is eligible to membership.

The four main types of activities for Rainbow are:

1. Service projects

2. Charity projects

3. Fund raisers

4. Fun projects

Since each assembly is self supporting, it is necessary to have various money making projects. They vary in each assembly.

Every Rainbow assembly is organized and governed by the uniform code of by-laws of the Supreme Assembly of Rainbow for Girls. The girl elected to serve for a term of four months as Worthy Advisor has the complete control and responsibility for the performance and conduct of the Assembly. However, the Assembly is, at all times directly under the guiding hand of the Mother Advisor. In addition to the Mother Advisor, there is an adult Advisory Board.

Today, Rainbow Assemblies can be found throughout the United States and all over the world.

This from Olympia Snowe, United States Senator:

"I am proud to be a Rainbow Girl. This group instilled in me the values of service, honesty, and leadership, among others. I have carried these ideals with me throughout the years. Being a member of the International Order of Rainbow for Girls reflects well on a young women's character and integrity and will benefit today's Rainbow Girls throughout their lifetime."

Past Worthy Advisor Monique McCall @ Liberty Lodge #300 Awards Night

P.W.A. Monique McCall remembers that when she was installed as Worthy Advisor she had a torn ACL in her leg and could not kneel at the alter. Her Grandfather, Bro. Warren Peterson, as Assembly Dad, installed her as Worthy Advisor. She said now that her Grandfather has received his 60 year pin from Liberty Lodge #300, she can return the favor by pinning him as she helped him to the awards table to receive the honor. For further information click on Liberty Lodge #300 page for Awards Night.